Silent Skies

On rare occasions, I like to masquerade as a musician. Here is my band, Silent Skies. I had a lot of help, but the end result turned out pretty sweet, I think. If you check it out, make sure you're listening in the car during a long drive. "On a Balloon and a Prayer" is the title of my debut Silent Skies album. In addition to the options below, the album may also be downloaded here.

Vikings and Sea Monsters - Gallery in a Box - $40

The full album of 10 songs is available in this reupholstered AOL DVD case from the 1990's along with 10 miniature reproductions of the Vikings and Sea Monster art show paintings. The case itself has a unique handmade india ink wash painting on linen affixed to it. Also included is a miniature easel and magnets to position the paintings for viewing while listening to the tracks.

Silent Skies - On a Balloon and a Prayer - $10

The same album from the "Gallery in a Box" set is available here as a CD without the gallery.

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