Death Bad Dirk: A famous stuntman.

Olivier Neptune: A young boy on his way to camp who finds himself in the middle of an adventure.


Dinosaur Galaxy: A summer camp for kids.

Docking Station Cigna: This is the point of departure for Olivier Neptune and all of the passengers on the Cosmo Carrier headed to Dinosaur Galaxy.

Ox-Head Cluster: A small group of young stars that form an open cluster. Olivier Neptune’s sector of the galaxy is near this “spacemark.”

Planetary Colonies: Solar System near the Ox-Head Cluster (often referred to as the “Ox-Head Solar System” even though the Ox-Head Cluster is light-years away). This is where Olivier is from.


Passenger Cosmo Carrier Craft – Class 10 (PCCC-C10): Commonly referred to as the “Space Bus.” The type of space shuttle transporting the kids to Dinosaur Galaxy.

7 Lightning Fireworks: A type of remote-controlled firework made by a company called “7 Lightning.”

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