Olivier Neptune & the Space Detectives: Prologue

OlivierNeptune0001 OlivierNeptune0002 OlivierNeptune0003 OlivierNeptune0004So it begins. Olivier (pronounced “Oh-live-ee-yay” for all of us non-French speakers) and the Space Detectives is launched! I’ve been writing this story (mostly in-flight to somewhere) for my son who was just born a little over 3 weeks ago. My goal is to have several good stories finished by the time he’s ready to read comics. It is a science fiction tale, as you’ve probably guessed, with an old fashion banner. In addition to an English version, I’ll also be dual-updating in French!  So stay tuned for that.

The images don’t all work on my main page, but they work when you click on individual posts. I apparently have to buy a “premium” version of a plug-in I’m using, so I’ll get that fixed soon.

Yes, Paperwings Podcast, I realize I’ve got padding issues in my caption boxes, but hey, I’m hand-drawing boxes and typing text with the Gimp.  I’m curious if anyone else who hand-draws their balloons and boxes has a method for gauging how large they have to be for text they are planning on typing. I don’t want to use computer-rendered balloons and boxes because they look so out of place with the drawings. Computer-rendered boxes are equivalent to 80’s drum production quality, in my opinion, but some will also think that of computer-typed text vs. handwritten. But hey, can’t do it all.  My compromise is to at least hand-render the balloons and boxes. But how to gauge the size before entering text?! I’m not yet sure. I’ll keep you posted if I figure it out…