Olivier Neptune: Chapter 1 Page 1

OlivierNeptune0005 OlivierNeptune0006 OlivierNeptune0007 OlivierNeptune0008 OlivierNeptune0009OH the commotion on the space bus full of 3’rd – 5’th graders!  Can you imagine the cacophony of noise?  I sure can. Our friend, Olivier Neptune sits in the back of the final panel, almost unnoticeable if not for a giant asterisk and arrow over his head. Have you ever felt small in a loud crowd of kids like this?

Although this is the first chapter, it might make more sense if you read the prologue first.  Here it is.

Also, sometimes I make drawings that don’t work well for the comic. This panel was originally supposed to be part of this week’s comic, but I decided not to use it. For me, I wasn’t happy with the t-shirt design or the mask of the kid scaring the kid with his tongue sticking out, but I liked the tongue kid part of the drawing. Have you ever drawn something that you liked a little bit, but didn’t like all of it?