Olivier Neptune: Chapter 1 Page 4

OlivierNeptune019 OlivierNeptune020 OlivierNeptune021Those giggling bullies are the worst!  It’s bad enough that they are bullies, but bullies that giggle?!  Oooo… just can’t stand them.  Updates are bi-weekly on Fridays now.  Will Olivier get his goggles back? Stay tuned in two weeks!


Olivier Neptune: Chapter 1 Page 3

OlivierNeptune0016OlivierNeptune0017OlivierNeptune0018Oh, I committed a swirly. Updates aren’t quite as regular, which means I’ve probably lost all 3 of my readers. But that’s okay!  This is a labor of love created for the REAL Olivier Neptune who will someday be old enough to read this.  For now, he’s got the command of my attention, and things like this comic have to simmer on the back-burner. This morning, I got up at 4AM, so I had time to finish today’s page.  Yeay!

Long live Death Bad Dirk!

Olivier Neptune: Chapter 1 Page 2

OlivierNeptune0011 OlivierNeptune0012 OlivierNeptune0013 OlivierNeptune0014 OlivierNeptune0015If I get 5 comments on today’s comic (from 5 different people), I will upload an actual recording of me singing and playing the Dinosaur Galaxy theme song. You know you want to hear that, right?

And for those of you who wanted to know, PCCC-C10 stands for Passenger Cosmo Carrier Craft – Class 10. Some people call it the “Cosmo Craft”, but they usually get made fun of.  Most of us just call it the Space Bus. Because that’s what it is.

Hey, look!  I’ve added an appendix, so you can learn about the people and stuff in Olivier’s universe. It will be updated from time to time since I don’t want to introduce characters before I introduce characters.

Oh! And I’ve decided to participate in the 30 Characters in 30 Days November challenge. A gimmicky thing, I know, but why not?  It will help me develop some things I need for this story. I’m not going to post every one of the characters I draw during this challenge, but I will occasionally throw something on my Space Detectives Tumblr.  So subscribe to that, if you must.

Olivier Neptune: Chapter 1 Page 1

OlivierNeptune0005 OlivierNeptune0006 OlivierNeptune0007 OlivierNeptune0008 OlivierNeptune0009OH the commotion on the space bus full of 3’rd – 5’th graders!  Can you imagine the cacophony of noise?  I sure can. Our friend, Olivier Neptune sits in the back of the final panel, almost unnoticeable if not for a giant asterisk and arrow over his head. Have you ever felt small in a loud crowd of kids like this?

Although this is the first chapter, it might make more sense if you read the prologue first.  Here it is.

Also, sometimes I make drawings that don’t work well for the comic. This panel was originally supposed to be part of this week’s comic, but I decided not to use it. For me, I wasn’t happy with the t-shirt design or the mask of the kid scaring the kid with his tongue sticking out, but I liked the tongue kid part of the drawing. Have you ever drawn something that you liked a little bit, but didn’t like all of it?